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Directory of Recommended Christian Rap & Hip Hop Artists

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116 Clique 116 Clique Website116 Clique MySpace116 Clique Twitter116 Clique YouTube 116 Clique MP3 Download 116 Clique iTunes MP3 13 Letters (NR/10)
Ambassador Ambassador WebsiteAmbassador MySpaceAmbassador FacebookAmassador TwitterAmbassador YouTube Ambassador MP3 Download  Ambassador iTunes MP3 The Thesis (NR/10), The Chop Chop (NR/10)
Believin Stephen Believin Stephen WebsiteBelievin Stephen FacebookBelievin Stephen TwitterBelievin Stephen YouTube Believin Stephen MP3 Download  Believin Stephen iTunes MP3  
Cam Cam WebsiteCam MySpaceCam YouTube Ambassador MP3 Download Ambassador iTunes MP3 The Platform (NR/10)
Cheno Lyfe Cheno Lyfe WebsiteCheno Lyfe MySpaceCheno Lyfe FacebookCheno Lyfe TwitterCheno Lyfe YouTube Home (9.0/10)
Christcentric Christcentric WebsiteChristcentric MySpaceChristcentric FacebookChristcentric TwitterChristcentric YouTube Christcentric MP3 Download ChristCentric iTunes MP3  
Christawn Christawn MySpaceChristawn FacebookChristawn Twitter  
Corey Paul Corey Paul MySpaceCorey Paul YouTube  
Corey Red Corey Red WebsiteCorey Red MySpaceCorey Red FacebookCorey Red Twitter Corey Red MP3 Download  
Cross Movement Cross Movement WebsiteCross Movement MySpaceCross Movement FacebookCross Movement TwitterCross Movement YouTube Cross Movement MP3 Download The Cross Movement iTunes MP3 HIStory (NR/10)
Da Truth Da Truth WebsiteDa Truth MySpaceDa Truth FacebookDa Truth TwitterDa Truth YouTube Da Truth MP3 Download Da Truth iTunes MP3 Open Book (NR/10), The Big Picture (NR/10)
Dillon Chase Dillon Chase WebsiteDillon Chase MySpaceDillon Chase FacebookDillon Chase TwitterDa Truth YouTube Dillon Chase MP3 Download Dillon Chase iTunes MP3 The Pursuit (NR/10)
DJ Morph DJ Morph WebsiteDJ Morph MySpaceDJ Morph FacebookDJ Morph TwitterDa Truth YouTube DJ Morphiziz iTunes MP3 International (NR/10)
Dre Murray Dre Murray WebsiteDre Murray MySpaceDre Murray Twitter Dre Murray MP3 Download Dre Murray - Manumit  
Dry Bonez Live Dry Bonez Live WebsiteDry Bonez Live MySpaceDry Bonez Live TwitterDry Bonez Live YouTube Dry Bonez Live  MP3 Download Dry Bonez Live iTunes MP3 Love and Loss (NR/10)
E-Pistle E-Pistle WebsiteE-Pistle MySpaceE-Pistle YouTube  
Everyday Process Everyday Process WebsiteEveryday Process MySpaceEveryday Process FacebookEveryday Process TwitterEveryday Process YouTube Everyday Process MP3 Download Everyday Process iTunes MP3 The Process of Illumination.. (NR/10), Outtadisworld (8.6/10)
Flame Flame WebsiteFlame MySpaceFlame FacebookFlame TwitterFlame YouTube Flame MP3 Download Flame iTunes MP3 Rewind (NR/10), Our World Fallen (NR/10), Our World Redeemed (NR/10)
Fresh I.E. Fresh IE WebsiteFresh IE MySpaceFresh IE FacebookFresh IE TwitterFresh I.E. YouTube Fresh IE MP3 Download Fresh I.E. iTunes MP3 Out Tha Oven (NR/10)
Frontlynaz Frontlynaz WebsiteFrontlynaz MySpaceFrontlynaz FacebookFrontlynaz TwitterFrontlynaz YouTube Frontlynaz MP3 Download Frontlynaz iTunes MP3 Game Over (NR/10)
G-Notes G-Notes WebsiteG-Notes MySpaceG-Notes FacebookG-Notes TwitterG-Notes YouTube G-Notes MP3 Download G-Notes iTunes MP3 Bright Lights Magic City (9.0/10)
Japhia Life Japhia Life WebsiteJaphia Life MySpaceJaphia Life FacebookJaphia Life Twitter Japhia Life MP3 Download  Japhia Life iTunes MP3  
Jacob Izrael Jacob Izrael WebsiteJacob Izrael MySpaceJacob Izrael FacebookJacob Izrael TwitterJacob Izrael YouTube Jacob Izrael MP3 Download  Jacob Izrael iTunes MP3 Even Louder (NR/10)
J Johnson J Johnson MySpace J Johnson MP3 Download J. Johnson iTunes MP3 The Struggle (8.8/10)
J.R. J.R. WebsiteJ.R. MySpaceJ.R. FacebookJ.R. YouTube J.R. MP3 Download J.R. iTunes MP3 Life By Stereo (NR/10)
Json Json WebsiteJson MySpaceJson FacebookJson TwitterJson YouTube Json MP3 Download Json iTunes MP3 Life on Life (9.8/10), City Lights (9.2/10)
K-Drama K-Drama WebsiteK-Drama MySpaceK-Drama FacebookK-Drama Twitter K-Drama MP3 Download K-Drama iTunes MP3  
Knine Knine WebsiteKnine MySpaceKnine FacebookKnine TwitterKnine YouTube Knine MP3 Download Knine iTunes MP3 It Was Written Vol. 1 (NR/10)
La Familia Muzik La Familia Muzik WebsiteLa Familia Muzik MySpaceLa Familia Muzik FacebookLa Familia Muzik Twitter Greetings Earthling (NR/10)
Lecrae Lecrae WebsiteLecrae MySpaceLecrae FacebookLecrae TwitterLecrae YouTube Lecrae MP3 Download Lecrae iTunes MP3 Real Talk (NR/10), After the Music Stops (NR/10), Rebel (9.4/10)
Mark J Mark J WebsiteMark J MySpace Mark J MP3 Download Mark J iTunes MP3  
Pettidee Pettidee WebsitePettidee MySpacePettidee FacebookPettidee TwitterPettidee YouTube Pettidee MP3 Download Pettidee  
P-Dub P-Dub WebsiteP-Dub MySpaceP-Dub FacebookP-Dub TwitterP-Dub YouTube  Turning Point (NR/10)
Phanatik Phanatik WebsitePhanatik MySpacePhanatik TwitterPhanatik YouTube Phanatik MP3 Download Phanatik iTunes MP3 The Incredible Walk (NR/10), Crime and Consequences (NR/10)
Precise Precise Website Precise MP3 Download Precise iTunes MP3 His Story My Shoes (NR/10)
Pro Pro WebsitePro MySpacePro FacebookPro YouTube Redemption (NR/10)
Reflect Reflect WebsiteReflect MySpaceReflect Facebook  
Rhema Soul Rhema Soul WebsiteRhema Soul MySpaceRhema Soul FacebookRhema Soul TwitterRhema Soul YouTube Rhema Soul MP3 Download Rhema Soul Fingerprints (9.4/10)
Richie Righteous Richie Righteous WebsiteRichie Righteous MySpaceRichie Righteous FacebookRichie Righteous TwitterPhanatik YouTube Richie Righteous MP3 Download Richie Righteous R.I.C.H (9.9/10)
Rob Hodge Rob Hodge MySpaceRob Hodge Twitter Rob Hodge MP3 Download Rob Hodge iTunes MP3  
R-Swift R-Swift WebsiteR-Swift MySpaceR-Swift TwitterR-Swift YouTube R-Swift MP3 Download R-Swift Revolutionary Theme Muzik (NR/10), Soapbox (NR/10), Anthem (8.7/10)
Shai Linne Shai Linne WebsiteShai Linne MySpaceShai Linne FacebookShai Linne TwitterShai Linne YouTube Shai Linne MP3 Download Shai Linne iTunes MP3 Storiez (NR/10), The Atonement (NR/10)
Sho Baraka Sho Baraka WebsiteSho Baraka MySpaceSho Baraka FacebookSho Baraka TwitterSho Baraka YouTube Sho Baraka MP3 Download Sho Baraka Turn my Life Up (NR/10), Lions and Liars (9.1/10)
Stephen The Levite Stephen The Levite WebsiteStephen The Levite MySpaceStephen The Levite FacebookStephen The Levite YouTube Stephen The Levite MP3 Download Stephen the Levite iTunes MP3 To Die is Gain (NR/10)
Tedashii Tedashii WebsiteTedashii MySpaceTedashii FacebookTedashii TwitterTedashii YouTube Tedashii MP3 Download Tedashii iTunes MP3 Kingdom People (NR/10), Identity Crisis (9.2/10)
The Tonic The Tonic WebsiteThe Tonic MySpaceThe Tonic YouTube  
Theory Hazit Theory Hazit WebsiteTheory Hazit MySpaceTheory Hazit TwitterTheory Hazit YouTube Theory Hazit MP3 Download Theory Hazit iTunes MP3  
Thi'sl Thi'sl WebsiteThi'sl MySpaceThi'sl FacebookThi'sl TwitterThi'sl YouTube Thi'sl MP3 Download Thi'sl iTunes MP3 Chronicles of an X-Hustler (8.8/10)
Trip Lee Trip Lee WebsiteTrip Lee MySpaceTrip Lee FacebookTrip Lee TwitterTrip Lee YouTube Trip Lee MP3 Download Trip Lee iTunes MP3 If They Only Knew (NR/10), 20/20 (NR/10), Between Two Worlds (9.2/10)
Truce Truce Crew WebsiteTruce Crew MySpaceTruce YouTube Truce Crew MP3 Download Truce iTunes MP3 The Refuge (NR/10)
Viktory Viktory WebsiteViktory MySpaceViktory FacebookViktory TwitterViktory YouTube Viktory MP3 Download Viktory iTunes MP3 Son of the King (9.3/10)
Voice Voice MySpaceVoice YouTube Voice MP3 Download Voice iTunes MP3  
Willie Will Willie Will MySpaceWillie Will YouTube Willie Will MP3 Download Willie Will iTunes MP3 God's Will (NR/10)
Young Joshua Young Joshua WebsiteYoung Joshua MySpaceYoung Joshua TwitterYoung Joshua YouTube Young Joshua MP3 Download   Back to Reality (NR/10)