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Please note that at the present time, we are ONLY accepting album review requests from artists who are listed on the Recommended Christian Rap & Hip Hop Artist Directory.

This is due to the large number of albums that are already in our collection that are awaiting review. Once we are all caught up on our reviews we will consider receiving album review requests from new artists who have not yet made their way onto our radar.

If you are an artist who is listed on our Artist Directory, please e-mail us at reviewrequests *at* (be sure to replace *at* with @) and provide a link to where your album can be downloaded. We will not share your album download link with anyone. If you would like to gain access to's private FTP server where you can upload your album directly to us, e-mail us at the address provided above to request a login and password.

Note that submitting your album to us for consideration is not a guarantee that we will review it. Also note that we do not post reviews for albums that receive an overall rating of 7.9 or below.

Thank you for your interest, and we are honored that you wish to share your music with us.