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G-Notes - Bright Lights Magic City - Review

G-Notes - Bright Lights Magic City Artist: G-Notes
Album: Bright Lights Magic City
Released: April 14, 2009
Overall Sound: Down South
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G-Notes - Bright Lights Magic City - 9.0 out of 10
Album Summary for G-Notes - Bright Lights Magic City:

What is a believer who is trying to keep their eyes fixed on Christ to do when the shiny, flashy things of the world fight for our attention daily? G-Notes aims to answer this question with the 14 tracks contained on "Bright Lights Magic City".

The album gets off to a good start with "Stunna Shades" - a well produced song with a memorable and chopped hook.

Up next is "American Dream" - perhaps my favorite song from this project. The chorus is captivating and describes how the modern 'American Dream' is centered around money and material possessions. G-Notes details the dark and destructive realities that can come from chasing after this world's riches.

"Night Lights" is another success. The beat is jam packed with energy and Maria Z's vocals are right on point - not overdone as is often the case with female vocals in the Christian Rap genre. The song touches on the issue of how sometimes things that are so wrong can feel so right.

We are then treated to a love song with a Christian Rap twist. It flows very smoothly and has one of those beats that just begs to be played on a calm night time car ride.

"Take a Picture" will snap you right out of that relaxing lull! Juice 20/20 has infused this track with about 50,000 watts of liveliness. The message is simple, playful, and positive.

"Eyes of a G" tactfully uses autotune and a multi paced beat to create a nearly hypnotic song. The song places the listener in the shoes of someone living the street life while struggling to come to terms with Christ.

"Bright Lights Magic City" has earned a Gold Medal from CrossRap and is highly recommended. Florida puts it down once again!

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G-Notes - Bright Lights Magic City - Gold Medal Winner

Song Score
1. Bright Lights (Intro) 8.5
2. Stunna Shades 9.5
3. American Dream ft. K-Nuff 10
4. Night Lights ft. Maria Z 10
5. My Girl ft. Joe Justiz, Messsianico 9.5
6. Take a Picture 9.5
7. Miami State of Mind 9
8. On Me ft. Probly Pablo, Mike Hiciano 8
9. Magic City ft. Pettidee 9
10. Hey! 8.5
11. Heartfelt Music 9
12. Eyes of a G ft. Joe Justiz 9.5
13. Dying Star ft. Eddie Nigma, Ruslan 8.5
14. What'cha Say About 8
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