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J Johnson - The Struggle - Review

J Johnson - The Struggle Artist: J Johnson
Album: The Struggle
Released: April 28, 2009
Overall Sound: East Coast
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J Johnson - The Struggle - 8.8 out of 10
Album Summary for J Johnson - The Struggle:

If I had to sum J Johnson up in one word it would have to be "sharp". His lyrics consistently slice through tracks with great precision, and even J's voice has a certain quality to it that makes it sound as though J is using his vocals to stab holes in the beat.

Continuing with this train of thought, "The Struggle" can essentially be summed up as being a single edged sword in that it has a sharp side as well as a blunt side.

Songs like "I'm Back", "The Odds", "Ovacomaz", "Murder Instruments" and "Believe or Not" give the album a clean edge, while a handful of the album's other songs leave a bit more to be desired.

I am convinced however that if J had been privy to a slightly better selection of beats that the album would have been a double edged sword without question. J Johnson is an extremely talented craftsman and does a superb job of working with the materials set before him.

"I'm Back" is stretched out over a very innovative beat that will tickle your ears. It sounds so hardcore and grimy that you may find yourself taking a second look at the album's cover to make sure that you are in fact listening to a Christian rap album.

"Ovacomaz" features one of those beats that artists clamor for, and J does not let it go to waste. In fact - I don't believe that there could have been a better artist for this track. J's lyrics and delivery are absolutely ruthless and listeners are bound to be pumped in no time. The song proclaims the bold and continual victory that we have as followers of Christ.

Another song that really stood out to me was "Believe or Not". In it J recounts some of the struggles he encountered along the path towards becoming a believer, while also expounding upon some of the struggles that others face as well. The beat is top notch and the message is on point as well.

In conclusion, "The Struggle" is certainly worth a $10 spot and should be adopted into your Christian Rap library.

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J Johnson - The Struggle - Silver Medal Winner

Song Score
1. Intro 8.5
2. I'm Back 9.5
3. The Odds 9.5
4. Ovacomaz 10
5. Remember 8.5
6. Go 8.5
7. Murder Instruments 9.5
8. You Can Make It. ft. T King 8.5
9. Amazing Grace 8.5
10. Just Feel Like It 7.5
11. Illness ft. Levester White 9
12. Believe or Not 9.5
13. Where We At 8
14. Worth It 8.5
15. Survival 8.5
16. I'm Just Me 8.5
17. Philly Boys 9
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