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Json - Life on Life - Review

Json - Life on Life Artist: Json
Album: Life on Life
Released: August 9, 2008
Overall Sound:Down South/East Coast
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Json - Life on Life - 9.8 out of 10
Album Summary for Json - Life on Life:

You are looking at the album of the year for 2008. Json's "Life on Life" is a no holds barred compilation of heavyweight songs that revolve around the central focus of pouring ones life out into fellow believers.

It is clearly evident that Json has fully poured himself out into this album. It features superior beats, and Json's vivid and sometimes grimy passion can be heard and felt on virtually every song.

The album starts out with guns blazing from the get go with the intro track "Life on Life" - a bold, bass heavy anthem that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

The listener will be able to catch their breath on a brief interlude, and will then get barraged by a seemingly endless string of superb songs. By the time the album is finished, you will most likely want to play it from the very beginning all over again.

Stand out tracks on the album include "Life on Life" (Intro), "Run", "Music", "Turning Point", "What It Do", "Listening Choice", "My Heart Your Home", "Sitting Big", "Fight", "Who Is He", "Ladies and Fellas", and "Grace". Notice how I just named practically the entire album? Yes. It really is that good.

I would now like to explore some of my favorite tracks from the album:

"Music" is a practical and very entertaining song where Json shares his wisdom and advice with would-be Christian rappers, exhorting them to examine their heart and motives before taking to the stage.

"Turning Point" employs the use of some excellent sampling combined with a fast and upbeat cadence, making for a very high energy track.

"Listening Choice" features a hypnotic beat that will keep both your tweeters and woofers well fed. The aim of the song is to ask the listener a very important question - is the music that you are listening to pleasing to God?

"Sitting Big" is backed by a ridiculously good beat and fueled by an aggressive hook that proclaims "Ya'll ridin on 22's, we standin on 66." which refers to people who place their trust in the 22" rims on their car, vs. those who place their trust in the 66 books that make up the Bible.

"Ladies and Fellas" can essentially be summed up as musical dose of sound, biblical marriage counsel. A vast amount of useful and applicable advice is provided in this song. The fact that it also happens to be exceptional in a musical sense is just the icing on the cake.

In conclusion, grabbing your own copy of "Life on Life" is a no brainer. It managed to beat out fierce competition for our coveted album of the year award for 2008. What are you waiting for?

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Json - Life on Life - Platinum Medal Winner Album of the Year 2008 - Json - Life on Life

Song Score
1. Intro 9.5
2. Catch (Interlude) *
3. Run 9
4. Music 9.5
5. Turning Point 10
6. What It Do ft. Titus, Trip Lee 9.5
7. Listening Choice Feat. Tedashii 10
8. My Heart Your Home ft. Dawndia 9
9. I Do 8.5
10. Glory Revealed (Interlude) *
11. Sitting Big 10
12. Fight ft. Thi'sl, Mike Real 9.5
13. Who Is He ft. Lecrae 9.5
14. Give You Me (Interlude) *
15. Ladies and Fellas ft. J.R., Dawndia 10
16. Move Out ft. Future, Flame 9
17. The Studio (Contest) *
18. Grow 9
19. Outro *
20. Grace ft. J.R. 9.5
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* = Intermission or song that is too short to rate.