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Rhema Soul - Fingerprints - Review

Rhema Soul - Fingerprints Artist: Rhema Soul
Album: Fingerprints
Released: March 30, 2010
Overall Sound: East Coast/RNB
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Rhema Soul - Fingerprints - 9.4 out of 10
Album Summary for Rhema Soul - Fingerprints:

Like a rocket bound for Mars, "Fingerprints" starts off with a BOOM. From the earliest seconds of the intro track, stretching well into the middle of the CD - Rhema Soul barrages the listener with a series of spectacular songs.
A temporary and short lived lull takes place, and then album finds its course. Finally, we are given a tremendous send off in "Save Me" - a fitting and thoughtful conclusion to a wonderful journey.

And now to break the album down a level with a brief exploration of some of my favorite songs:

G-Styles was tasked with leaving his golden touch on this album and he makes his presence known immediately with the intro - a track that I would have loved to have seen turned into a full length song.

I wasn't left hanging for long however, once "Neva Lay Low" started flowing through my speakers. It's a powerful anthem which speaks about having a boldness for Christ in light of all that he's given us as believers.

"Fly Away" features a chorus so catchy that it could make even the most prominent of mainstream radio hits blink.
The difference between "Fly Away" and those mainstream hits however, is that it features a hearty dose of meaningful substance in its message and lyrics to go along with that catchy chorus.

Need some battle music to march to? No problem. "Champion" calls upon believers to embrace the strength of God and it has enough punch to encourage even the weariest of Christians - Think Romans 8:37 ("No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." - Rom 8:37 NIV).

Other stand out songs include "Boom Box", "Let Me Live", "Blow Your Whistle", "My Beat", and "Save Me".

With this album Rhema Soul has proven that they are perhaps one of the most underrated forces on the Christian Rap & Hip Hop scene. To pass up on this project would be a shame - do yourself a favor and pick it up today! This is one ship that you don't want to miss.

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Rhema Soul - Fingerprints - Gold Medal Winner

Song Score
1. Intro *
2. Neva Lay Low 10
3. Fly Away 10
4. Champion 10
5. Boom Box 9.5
6. Let Me Live 9.5
7. Sky's Not the Limit ft. Eddienigma 8.5
8. Spotlight 9
9. Shorty's Lost ft. G-styles 8
10. Why's It Gotta Be So Hard 8.5
11. Blow Your Whistle 9.5
12. My Beat Go ft. G-styles 9.5
13. Fingerprints 9
14. I Hope 8.5
15. Save Me 9.5
About the Rating System
* = Intermission or song that is too short to rate.