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Tedashii - Identity Crisis - Review

Tedashii - Identity Crisis Artist: Tedashii
Album: Identity Crisis
Released: May 26, 2009
Overall Sound:East Coast/Down South
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Tedashii - Identity Crisis - 9.2 out of 10
Album Summary for Tedashii - Identity Crisis:

Tedashii - an artist who is perhaps best known for his powerful booming voice and precise punch lines is back to bring another offering to the table.

Fans of Tedashii may notice that this album contains a bit less 'boom' and is slightly leaner in the punch line department - and instead seems to opt for a more cultivated feel.

While I felt that this approach proved successful on songs like "Gotta Believe" - my overall impression was that the areas where this album really shined was when Tedashii stuck to his original tried and true formula - the style that dominated the majority of his previous album "Kingdom Music".

This bold style can be found on songs such as "Work", "26's", "Make War", "I'm a Believer", "Fresh", and "Thank You". Consequently, these were my favorite songs from the album; here's why.

"Work" is based on a superb beat that has a down south feel to it, complete with musical accents in the background that really make it come alive.

"26's" features Lecrae and it also borrows a portion of Lecrae's verse from the song "The King" from his album "After the Music Stops" and reworks it into a razor sharp hook. "These Self proclaimed kings braggin 'cuz they on chrome, but 26 inches is a pretty low throne!"

"Make War" matches a powerful bass line with a commanding chorus that encourages believers to make war against their fleshly lusts and desires.

"Fresh" is constructed upon a lively beat and the theme of the song is that as Christians, we are made fresh (made clean) because of what Christ did for us on the cross; not because of our own "swagger" or works.

"Thank You" is tied with "26's" for being my favorite song on the album. It has what I can only describe as a caribbean type feel to it and is full of joy. Its message is clear and powerful - thank the Lord for all that he's done for us.

Overall, "Identity Crisis" proves to be yet another winner from the Reach Records camp and it should not be passed up.

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Tedashii - Identity Crisis - Gold Medal Winner

Song Score
1. Identity Crisis (Intro) *
2. Work 10
3. 26's Introduction *
4. 26's ft. Lecrae 10
5. Hollywood ft. Rozie Turner 8
6. Identity 1: We Fell 8
7. Make War ft. Flame 10
8. Gotta Believe ft. Diamone 9
9. Identity 2: Adoption ft. Rick Trotter 8.5
10. I'm a Believer ft. Trip Lee, Soyé 10
11. Fresh 9.5
12. Thank You 10
13. All I Need ft. Chris Davis 8
14. Identity 3: The Church 8
15. Community ft. Stephen the Levite, Sho Baraka 8.5
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* = Intermission or song that is too short to rate.