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Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds - Review

Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds Artist: Trip Lee
Album: Between Two Worlds
Released: June 22, 2010
Overall Sound:Down South/East Coast
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Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds
Album Summary for Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds:

Breaking into the Christian Rap world fresh out of high school with his debut album "If They Only Knew" in 2006, Trip Lee is now dropping his third album "Between Two Worlds" at age 22 and its been a privilege to witness his growth both as an artist and as a Christian.

Like his fellow Reach labelmates, Trip has emerged as one of the premiere artists of the Christian Rap genre. Will most fans be satisfied with this latest offering? In short, the answer is Yes!

And like Reach Record's other recent (relatively speaking) releases "Identity Crisis" by Tedashii, and "Lions and Liars" by Sho Baraka - "Between Two Worlds" has a distinctly experimental feel to it and takes some sizable gambles musically. I commend these artists for their effort to constantly grow and keep the genre fresh.

In this case, the resulting outcome is a handful of songs that will rattle your trunk loose and slap a grin on your face, along with a few other songs that leave a bit more to be desired. Overall however, the album succeeds at its mission: to deliver sound biblical messages over generally solid beats.

"Snitch" is one of my favorite songs from the project. It has a great beat and boasts a message that is on point and as necessary as ever. Will you let your flesh willfully carry out sin or will you blow the whistle and snitch on it?

"Invade" is a thoughtful song laced with a beautiful chorus sung by J. Paul. The song implores Christ to break through the clouds and to invade our world to redeem it from its brokenness.

The energy level is cranked up a few levels on "No Worries" - a slick and well polished song which proclaims the joy that can be found for those who cast their burdens on Christ.

I'm not even sure how to classify "I Love Music" and that's a good thing. It is eclectic and straight up fun. Trip Lee and Sho Baraka express their love for music, and offer thanks to the Lord for creating it. I too love music and am thankful for it, and this song is just one of many reasons why.

You wouldn't expect Trip Lee to release an album without his good friend and mentor Lecrae on it would you? Fear not, "Twisted" calls on the talents of Lecrae as well as Pro and Thi'sl. The beat on this gem pounds violently and the verses dropped by all involved fight right back with it. I especially love the way that Thi'sl rides the beat with his notoriously gritty vocals as if he was super glued to it.

"The Invasion" is a downright masterpiece. The chorus is moving and invokes praise, and Trip's lines are powerful and should resonate deeply with Christians everywhere.

In closing, "Between Two Worlds" has secured a Gold Medal award from CrossRap and is unquestionably a worthy purchase. Grab it today, you'll be thankful.

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Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds - Gold Medal Winner

Song Score
1. Real Life Music 8.5
2. Snitch 10
3. Invade ft. J. Paul 9.5
4. Prognosis 9
5. No Worries 9.5
6. Covenant Eyes ft. PRo 9
7. Life 101 ft. Chris Lee 9
8. I Love Music ft. Sho Baraka 9.5
9. Limitations ft. Leah Smith 9
10. Yours To Own ft. Jimmy Needham 8.5
11. Apathy (Interlude) *
12. Twisted ft. Lecrae, PRo, Thi'sl 10
13. Bear With You ft. Tedashii 9.5
14. Show's Over ft. Mitch Parks 9
15. The Invasion (Hero) ft. Jai 10
16. My Lord (Bonus Track) 8
About the Rating System
* = Intermission or song that is too short to rate.